Saturday, November 24, 2007

After Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. I've actually just finished up my second Thanksgiving meal of this holiday weekend. Went to the in-laws on Thursday, and then I cooked the whole meal today at home for friends and family. Visiting for the holiday is nice, but having the leftovers here is even better!

I took Friday off of work...and even though I'll likely pay for it by being doubly busy on Monday, it was so nice to not have to deal with the stress for an extra day this weekend. I so needed that day off.

On the crafting front: due to all the cooking and cleaning needed for this holiday, I haven't been too productive on the crafting front. I intend on spending tomorrow to get finished with a couple of special orders I'm in the middle of....and maybe even finish up the two teddy bears that have been in pieces for the past two weeks (no promises though).

I wrapped up the first phase of my Etsy promotional experiment today. I promoted 98 items this past week...that's 98 that were not mine. I saved each one into my favorites, so I could keep track of them. As of a few minutes ago, 16 of them had been sold. I can't say that my promoting them contributed at all to them selling...but it was nice to see the prices flip to "sold". My PayPal account has decided that I also need to go back to promoting myself as I'll now be trying to evenly promote both my own shop/items and those of my fellow Etsians. Of course with everyone fussing over in the forum about the new Gift Guide feature.....I'm not sure my promotions will even get noticed. I also decided to run a sale for the next ten days....all of my crocheted items are 25% off. That took a lot longer than I thought to edit all of those items....probably close to three hours (guess I didn't realize how many of my items were crocheted!). Maybe this will generate a few sales for my holiday shopping money....we'll see. to check-in on the forum, and get to creating. That is if I don't fall asleep from all of the turkey eaten at dinner.

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