Thursday, February 19, 2009

The results are in

I found out this week that the entry that my mom and I worked together on for the Creatin Contest on didn't win. After seeing the absolutely phenominal entries that did, I am not at all surprised. I've posted some pics of our entry on my flickr account. Wehaven's decided if we'll be doing this year's contest or not.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Some thoughts on the Stimulus Package

I wonder how many of the Senators and Congressmen that are adamant about voting "no" on this package - regardless of the version - would still feel that way if there were conditions on it that no-one from their jurisdictions would be allowed any of the moneys, in any form, from it? Afterall, isn't the reason they are voting no is because their constiuents are telling them to? I think they could give lessons to the rest of us, because obviously their states are doing things right - no jobs must be being lost, no-one wants a tax cut, no-ne needs increased food stamps allocations, all of their roads, bridges and power systems must be top-notch, their schools are obviously the best of the best (and on and on)....and most importantly they must have budget surpluses in their states and have no need for the money that is being designated for the states.

I think it will be very hypocritical for these same politicians to sit there with their hands out wanting their cut of the pie after having been so vocal about opposing it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

What should go, and what should stay??

OK....I'm still not 100% sure that I'm going to keep at this whole "make stuff and try and sell it" gig, but I think I'm leaning a little to the "keep at it" camp.

If I do decide to keep at it, I have a lot of decisions to make - the first of which is "what should the focus of my shop be?". I think I've gotten over the *make anything you like, and just go ahead and list it* phase. That just wasn't shop ended up looking like a craft fair exploded within the walls of my store. I think I should decide on a line of products, that at the very least have some sort of common theme - even beyond the fact that they are crocheted (and I know, I know, not everything I have, or have ever had, has always been crocheted!)

So here's where I could use a few unbiased (or even biased ones are OK) opinions. Should I:

A. Focus on teddy bears and other little crocheted critters? A lot of these can be seen on my Flickr pages, or a few are in my "sold" items on Etsy

B. Stick with the winter wearable items - I'm thinking most folks think these are cr** so I'm not leaning in that direction

C. Focus on little crocheted wallets, keyrings and other cases

D. Something else from some of the things in my sold items - if so, what???

E. Scrap everything...and start all over again...with some unknown thing (any suggestions?)

I'm really stuck. I love to I don't think I could ever stop. BUT, and this is a big but.....I also really need to use this talent and love for creating to make some extra $$ - I need to find something that I love to make, can make proficiently, and also be salable. Any and all suggestions and or opinions would be appreciated.