Saturday, December 1, 2007

The quest for the perfect holiday

Why is it, that we - especially women - feel like we always want to create the perfect Christmas for our friends and family? Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way...every single year...but I'm sure I'm not.

I find myself feeling this way every year...even though a part of my brain knows that no such thing is even possible. I always want to make sure the tree is perfectly decorated, that there are dozens of different homemade baked goods, and that everyone gets everything that they want as gifts. That's the dreamland I live in. And then reality sets in...every year.

The tree won't be perfect this year either because I'll likely wait to even put it up and decorate it until about a week before Christmas and then I'll rush just to get it done. If I'm lucky I'll manage to make a few dozen cookies...likely just the old stand-bys since there's no way I'll have the time to make all the scrumptious goodies I see in the magazines (not since I work 50 hours a week at my job). And likely this year, no-one will get much of anything in the way of gifts since I have no money to shop. Oh, well....wonder if I'll ever get to the point when I don't stress about the holiday...when it just seems like any other day of the year.

On the crafting front: the ornaments that my mom made seem to be selling pretty well in my Etsy shop. And that's about all that is selling, lately at least. I think when I raised the prices I shot myself in the foot with regards to ever hoping that my crochet work would sell. That really makes me sad because even though I LOVE to crochet, I NEED to make money too. I'm really beginning to believe that there really isn't a market for my work. If the market is out there, I have absolutely no idea how to find it. I'll keep trying, but I already know there is not much hope that I'll ever be a "success"...not in monetary terms or recognition anyway. to make some more things that won't sell, and start the weekend chores of laundry, vacuuming, bill paying and bathroom cleaning.

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  1. The best holidays are when you don't build up any expectations and just enjoy the day as it comes.