Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Random ramblings

When I can't fall asleep, which is most nights, random thoughts and questions start to ramble around in my brain. Tonight's ramblings are pretty typical:
  • I really need a haircut. I've been putting it off for a couple of months now, but I guess I'll have to breakdown and go get it cut soon...have to go to my hubbies work Xmas party on Dec 8th...can't go looking like this, and I'm not sure he'd approve of the paper bag over the head look. And I have no idea what I'll wear to that party...nothing fits anymore.
  • I wonder if the two days I just spent setting up an eBay store will pan out to at least making enough sales to cover the monthly fees. Going to try it until at least the end of the year, then I may end up closing it.
  • Why can't I seem to get even a little excited about the fact that Christmas will be here soon. I know I don't have any money to buy presents with...but Christmas isn't about giving and getting stuff....wish I could convince myself of that.
  • I really should vacuum the rugs tomorrow
  • Think I'll turn the heat off tomorrow...it's supposed to be near 60 out.
  • Why is there never anything to watch on TV after midnight....over 200 channels, and nothing on worth watching.
  • Should I keep making things for my shops? At what point should I stop adding things, when the ones I have there aren't moving?
  • I probably shouldn't have spent the $50 on 500 business cards in September....I'm thinking they'll last forever since I really don't go anywhere to give them out.
  • I forgot pizza sauce at the market the other day. Guess I'll have to make my own....wonder if I still have tomato sauce in the cupboard?

As you can see....most of the thoughts come in no particular order, and are generally unrelated to each other. Maybe it's because I spend my days (at my job), creating and following detailed step-by-step project plans and following an organized schedule. When the 9 - 5 is over, my brain just wants to ramble around in an illogical, random fashion. Randomness can be a good thing...just wish I could also sleep. :)

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