Saturday, November 10, 2007

Winter's arrived here

Even though, calendar-wise, winter isn't supposed to be here for almost six weeks it decided to make an early appearance here in upstate NY last night. Woke up this morning to a nice dusting of snow on our 2 1/2 acres of yard. It's beginning to melt now that the sun has come out...but the fact that it was here at all is just a reminder that the long months of cold, grey days are coming. Have I mentioned that I hate winter? I'm really looking forward to the time that I'm able to become a "snowbird" and spend the months of Nov thru April somewhere with endless sunshine and 70 degree temperatures.

On the crafting front, after many hours of discussions with myself (see an earlier blog post on that process), I've decided that some changes to my business need to be made. The slave laborers of my business (me, myself & I) have finally convinced the irrational management (again, myself) that they should be paid at least minimum wage for their efforts. In return, they have promised to keep delivering high quality, well made, unique works of art. At first I didn't understand their argument - what's wrong with making $3 an hour...waitresses do it all the time! Afterall, they did get the satisfaction of seeing their completed work sit on my store shelves for many weeks...they got to admire them everyday. It was likely the many hard slaps to the back of the head that convinced me...or maybe it was their threat to strike, but in any case management (me) has given in and will make the adjustments today. Hopefully the act of pleasing the worker-bees won't alienate my potential buyers.

OK....I'm off for now. Off to go and pay bills (payday from job yesterday)....but off to find the Advil and Kleenex first since that juggling act usually invokes the same reactions as reading some of the Etsy forum threads (see yesterday's blog post).

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