Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The search is on

I've decided I really need to rake the next step with my crafting....and have it turn into a "real" business. And real businesses don't have sales just once every few weeks.....not if they want to survive. Although I love as a selling venue, I don't think my items actually "fit" there and I need to expand my horizons and find other venues to sell on in addtion to Etsy. I've added several to, tried eCrater...but it was way too un-user-friendly for me so I deleted my shop. I also have items featured on Craftersbuzz and a couple on I'm even considering an eBay store....but that options seems like I'd just be throwing my money away (of course that's what Etsy is starting to feel like too).

So the search is on for other additional selling venues. I'm giving myself 'til the end of the year to find a place/way that I can start making consistent sales.....53 more days. If nothing significantly changes by then...then maybe it's time to face the reality that it isn't in the cards for this crafting stuff to pay off.

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