Saturday, October 27, 2007

A good day to get rid of the old

It's raining today, and it's pretty gloomy outside. The leaves are falling off the trees, and it's starting to get that dismal look of winter in Upstate NY...gray and brown everywhere.

I think today will be a good day to tackle that spring cleaning that I really meant to do six months ago.....better late than never! I've hesitated cleaning out my closests and drawers because I guess a part of me doesn't want to let go of the past. But I'm pretty sure I won't ever fit back into those size 10 jeans, or really don't have any need for 2003 telephone directories for areas that I don't even live in anymore. Maybe if I declutter my physical surroundings it will also help to declutter the depressing thoughts that have taken over my brain lately too. A clean start...fresh surroundings (even if the actual space is the same)...and maybe some fresh ideas too.

I've also started looking at my crafting with new eyes too.....although, my perception of that is still a little gray and grim at the moment. Maybe a few hours of purging other aspects of my life will help with that. to tackle the mess...maybe by the time I'm done the sun, outside and in my head, will make an appearance.


  1. Would you like to come to my house and do some "Spring" cleaning? LOL

  2. Random viewer-

    Decluttering always makes me feel good. I actually get really ansy when things are like not open in the small space I have to myself. Good luck and hopefully it helps you =D