Saturday, February 2, 2008

Help me and I'll reward you

OK, here's the deal: I really need some help in making my shop on Etsy more appealing, and need help in finding ways to reach folks who might want what I create. Sometimes I think there is so much that I need to improve that I just get totally overwhelmed at what to do first, and other times I think I've done a lot to improve and still nothing changes with regards to sales and traffic. So, I've decided to ask for help from anyone who would care to offer an opinion or suggestion.

Please give me your suggestions for specific things I can improve in my shop. Which pics need improving the most? Are my item descriptions OK? Maybe I should just totally change the types of items I make....tell me that too, if that's the case. Also, I really need some suggestions on where my target audience might be hiding, and how I can reach them to let them know that I even exist. Keep in mind that I work a full-time job (50+ hours a week), from an office at home. I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere, and don't really venture out much except to go grocery shopping on the weekends, and occasionally other a lot of my options for advertising need to be centered around the internet. now you're asking "what's the reward?", right? Well, everyone that gives me a suggestion - either through a comment here, a convo through Etsy, or an e-mail - will receive a coupon code from me that will entitle you to 15% discount on any item in my shop, good anytime. (I'll e-mail you the code). But wait, there's more: All of the people that give me suggestions/tips/critiques will be entered into a drawing that I'll do in two weeks (Feb 16, 2008 @ noon EST). The winner will receive, absolutely free.....the item of their choice from my shop. A pretty good deal, huh?

So, if you could spare a couple of minutes to give me your advice, it would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Hi Sue,
    I guess I like your shop & the pictures, now mine are just horrible and I seem to "not get it right".. I was reading forums this morning and came across this one for free advertizing in case you're interested,, (I know how you feel) anyways here it is...
    I have been thinking & debating if I want to do this. I hope this is right, its about those plug-ins.
    Good Luck

  2. Oh and I just finished reading your post, I didn't do this for a reward, I just know how you feel.

  3. hello sue! I've looked your shop over and can only give you one bit of advice---fluff up your descriptions. I don't think they need to be longer (necesarily) but more alluring. When I started, it was suggested that I write descriptions as if the buyer can't even view the photo. That plan has worked very well for me (and I seldom have colors to describe) Point out small details---it builds desire in the buyer! I hope this helps, Carey