Sunday, February 17, 2008

No new teddy bears for awhile

I won't be making any new teddy bears for awhile. I've run out of room to keep the finished ones in my studio. I have an eight foot, by 1 foot wide shelf that is nothing but teddy bears at the moment....not another one will fit. I've also used up my supply of fiberfill stuffing, and little wiggle eyes, and unless some of the little guys sell soon, there won't be anymore new additions. Since I already have 46 finished and in my shop, that haven't exactly been flying off the shelf.....I just can't justify spending any more money on supplies.

I know I can't just not make anything, so I think I'll maybe make a few of the little miniature Easter baskets that I did a couple of years ago, or maybe a doily or two. I'm really not sure just yet what will make an appearance, but whatever the final products, I'm hoping they won't just continue to add to my ever growing (never decreasing) inventory. I'm running out of room to actually work in here!


  1. Just Please don't stop, :) I still want to get at least 2 bears for the grandsons as soon as kens work settles down. They went through a huge lay off and may need to have another one IF the economy doesn't turn around soon. I really wish Gov would see that the gas prices are way to high and thats whats effecting everything. Everyone needs Gas before anything else and the checks get smaller somehow... ugh.. once again I'll step down from my soap box!! LOL.. And again I want to Thank you from the bottom of my heart that you helped out with Bonnies fundraising!


  2. Mary,
    I'm not going to stop creating.....I just can't keep making the bears right now (of course, my yarn may call to me and I'll likely end up heading it's calls). And I know what you mean about the gas prices affecting everything....every week when I go grocery shopping I preety much buy the same things, and every week the bill is hegher than it was the week before. It's insane.