Sunday, October 26, 2008

I can't believe it's been that long

I know I hadn't updated here in quite a while, I just didn't realize it had been that long ago!

In some respects, nothing much has changed with regards to my business....some of the same items that were in my shop in February, are still there even today. Then again a lot has happened in the past few months. Here's just a brief synopsis:

My mom moved up here to NY from FL. My middle daughter graduated from law school, moved to VA and is still currently unemployed down there. My oldest daughter lost her job, but then recently found another one. My 8 year old, step-grandson is being home-schooled, and I watch him during the day while his dad and my daughter are at work. My son still lives at home. My oldest cat passed away at the age of 15 this past summer. My other cat had two litters of kittens since March....we kept the first litter (only two), and still have two of the most recent litter, of five, to adopt out. A member of my husband's family was arrested in August...causing an irreparable rift in the family. I took a break from crafting and selling, and from Etsy in general for a few months......I just wasn't sure I wanted to keep going. I'm currently looking for another full-time job because I absolutely hate the one I have. Unfortunately there isn't much out there, and I really wish I could work for myself....but I've kind of gotten used to having a house to live in and food to eat, and surviving on my crafting income would be an impossibility.

As I mentioned previously, I had taken a break for a few months from Etsy...especially from the forums and from creating new items. I'm back now, and hopefully things will start picking up soon because I really could use some extra income. As also mentioned, with two of my kids out of work at the same time I found myself helping them with their living expenses, at the cost of my own bills falling behind.....which further solidifies the need for me to keep staying at the job that I abhor more and more each day. Love the catch-22 that is my life.

OK...that's the past 8 months of my life in 500 words or less. I'll be back later today, with another post.....and some details on my Customer Appreciation Days efforts, and an upcoming blog reader stay tuned.

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