Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year and another creative slump

Well, 2009 is finally here. Did anyone feel like it couldn't get here soon enough? I couldn't wait for 2008 to be over.

A few weeks ago I had all kinds of ideas for items to create for my shops. I was going to introduce a new line of little teddy bears.....several lines actually. And I was all set to create a whole bunch of little octopus in all kinds of different colors. Then.........I learned about the new CPSIA rules!!! There went my plans, poof, out the window.

So, now I sit here with probably a few hundred ounces of yarn....all different weights, all kinds of different colors, and absolutely no idea what I should make with it. I did make a few hats and scarves....but I really don't think any more of them are needed on Etsy......there are tens of thousands of them there already....most of them much nicer than I can ever make.

I definitely want to crochet, but I have no idea what. I know I want to make items on the smaller side...that way they are more economical to mail. I also want to make something practical, because in this economy I really think those are the types of things that will be most salable....something durable and practical. And, I can't make anything that would be interpreted as being for a child under cutsie (is that a word?) stuff is likely out. I'm really stuck.

For two days now I've been staring at these two large plastic containers filled with yarn.....and absolutely no ideas are jumping out of them at me. I hope I get some inspiration soon, because next week my Etsy shop's going to be pretty bare when I take down all of the remaining Christmas stuff (I am so tired of looking at it).

Oh well, off to waste more time over in the forum on Etsy, while continuing to stare at this yarn.

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  1. I'm sure you'll think of something cool...or I know a lot of people are writing to their congressmen and trying to get the law changed (etsy included) so maybe your plans won't get changed after all...*fingers crossed*