Friday, February 13, 2009

Some thoughts on the Stimulus Package

I wonder how many of the Senators and Congressmen that are adamant about voting "no" on this package - regardless of the version - would still feel that way if there were conditions on it that no-one from their jurisdictions would be allowed any of the moneys, in any form, from it? Afterall, isn't the reason they are voting no is because their constiuents are telling them to? I think they could give lessons to the rest of us, because obviously their states are doing things right - no jobs must be being lost, no-one wants a tax cut, no-ne needs increased food stamps allocations, all of their roads, bridges and power systems must be top-notch, their schools are obviously the best of the best (and on and on)....and most importantly they must have budget surpluses in their states and have no need for the money that is being designated for the states.

I think it will be very hypocritical for these same politicians to sit there with their hands out wanting their cut of the pie after having been so vocal about opposing it.

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