Monday, February 2, 2009

What should go, and what should stay??

OK....I'm still not 100% sure that I'm going to keep at this whole "make stuff and try and sell it" gig, but I think I'm leaning a little to the "keep at it" camp.

If I do decide to keep at it, I have a lot of decisions to make - the first of which is "what should the focus of my shop be?". I think I've gotten over the *make anything you like, and just go ahead and list it* phase. That just wasn't shop ended up looking like a craft fair exploded within the walls of my store. I think I should decide on a line of products, that at the very least have some sort of common theme - even beyond the fact that they are crocheted (and I know, I know, not everything I have, or have ever had, has always been crocheted!)

So here's where I could use a few unbiased (or even biased ones are OK) opinions. Should I:

A. Focus on teddy bears and other little crocheted critters? A lot of these can be seen on my Flickr pages, or a few are in my "sold" items on Etsy

B. Stick with the winter wearable items - I'm thinking most folks think these are cr** so I'm not leaning in that direction

C. Focus on little crocheted wallets, keyrings and other cases

D. Something else from some of the things in my sold items - if so, what???

E. Scrap everything...and start all over again...with some unknown thing (any suggestions?)

I'm really stuck. I love to I don't think I could ever stop. BUT, and this is a big but.....I also really need to use this talent and love for creating to make some extra $$ - I need to find something that I love to make, can make proficiently, and also be salable. Any and all suggestions and or opinions would be appreciated.

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  1. I adore the animals, winter wear, and the little crocheted wallets. While I am a fan of thread crochet with the doily-type projects, they don't seem to fit with the hip edge that you have in the first items I mentioned. I would take that stuff out and focus on those first 3. I also think you aren't valuing your work enough. I would make the prices a bit higher. People probably wonder why your stuff is so inexpensive! Don't give up!